b-bye 2012

wish you a happy ending :) and see u in 2013 :)

recently I started a – tumblr photo blog
i posted already some of my earlier photos, from now please check tumblr for more photos.


directed by: levente kozma & rares moldovan
sound: szabolcs veres
with: maria crista, rares moldovan, botond vajna
camera: levente kozma
additional cameras: alin rotariu, sergiu sas, rodica tache
costume: rares moldovan, botond vajna, levente kozma
thx to: maria crista, anca gyemant, alin rotariu, sergiu sas, szilard szoke, rodica tache, stefan tiron, botond vajna

Piramidom is a part of ‘ Waiting Spaces / Spatii in asteptare’ project by simultan association & h.arta group.
more info: http://waiting-spaces.simultan.org/

featured on Holy Ghost Zine

Holy Ghost is a collective of artists based in London, started by photographers Matthew Ritson and Alexander Mcluckie in 2008.
We curate an online gallery space featuring work from artists worlwide. We also curate exhibitions of selected artists work as well as our own and we publish Holy Ghost Zine, a limited edition zine.

wiew my photos here /
thanks Holy Ghost for posting!

pheriferic totem


StormHypnosis or The Kitchen Story, video, 2’40, 2011

Sunday morning is confusing



let there be dark

Low Frequency Oscillation During Winter Evening