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directed by: levente kozma & rares moldovan
sound: szabolcs veres
with: maria crista, rares moldovan, botond vajna
camera: levente kozma
additional cameras: alin rotariu, sergiu sas, rodica tache
costume: rares moldovan, botond vajna, levente kozma
thx to: maria crista, anca gyemant, alin rotariu, sergiu sas, szilard szoke, rodica tache, stefan tiron, botond vajna

Piramidom is a part of ‘ Waiting Spaces / Spatii in asteptare’ project by simultan association & h.arta group.
more info: http://waiting-spaces.simultan.org/


StormHypnosis or The Kitchen Story, video, 2’40, 2011


video for a music piece of yvat – called Hasten


noen, 01’40″, 2006
noen is a nonatomic gas at nonstandard conditions. noen is rare, found in the earth’s atmosphere at 1 part in **,*** and industrially produced by noncryogenic fractional distillation of nonliquified air.

At Home

At Home, video, 7′, 2006
As part of the ‘Living room’ project which was an attempt to show how architecture can be a part of life and be inspired by life. The theme of the exhibition is a subjective analysis of Ceausescu’s buildings and living spaces in Romania.
Focused on the multifunctional character of living units, which could function at the same time as bedrooms, studios or could also be transformed into small shops or offices. More precisely, we focus on the inventive attitude of Romanian people to ‘adjust’ and improvise in order to increase and get more comfortable spaces.
‘At Home’ it’ s an ironic interpretation about how young people are living, working and having fun in their own small rooms.

‘Living room’ a project/exhibition by Anca Benera, Arnold Estefan begin_of_the_skype_highlighting     end_of_the_skype_highlighting, Levente Kozma, Catalin Rulea, Barnabas Vetro, hosted by the Triebwerk Gallery, Halle, Germany.
Managed by Kristina Molnar during she’s Kulturmanager residency at Werkleitz – centre for media art.